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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

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Here’s How to Use Microsoft Edge Without Installing Windows 10

Windows 10 is now running on millions of PCs and people are using the new features of the OS. According to the latest survey, as much as
92% of the users are finding Windows 10 satisfactory
and they love it. However, there are lots of privacy concerns that still need an explanation from Microsoft. In another surprising development, Russian lawmakers, agencies and lawyers are urging the government to take
action against Windows 10.
If you’ve got problems with Windows 10 and are unwilling to try out the final version of Windows, there’s a way you can use Microsoft Edge without installing Windows 10. Microsoft has released Windows 10 virtual machines. Actually these are designed for you to test your website in Microsoft Edge without installing Windows 10 OS.
In the release statement, Microsoft said that with this release, they want to automate the process to make virtual machines. So, as soon as the platform is updated, the future updates will be made available.
The software company says that they are also supporting the new formats for virtual machines- for example now it supports Vagrant boxes with VirtualBox and QEMU. Microsoft is also working to make Microsoft Edge available via Azure RemoteApp.
It should be noted that Microsoft doesn’t intend to release Microsoft Edge for a platform other than Windows 10 anytime soon. Redmond has said that they want to make Microsoft Edge perfect for Windows 10 before considering other platforms. I guess Microsoft will continue keeping Microsoft Edge restricted to Windows 10. It wants to treat and present Microsoft Edge as a Windows 10-exclusive feature.
Download Microsoft Edge virtual machines for Mac, Linux and Windows from the link given below:
Windows Virtual Machines
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How to Lock Google Chrome with a Password

How to Lock Google Chrome with a Password

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By Enabling Chrome Profile Protection

  1. Lock Google Chrome with a Password Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    Visit the Chrome flags page.
    Open Google Chrome and copy-paste
    into your address bar. Hit enter to navigate to the experimental settings page, with the profile management option at the top of the browsing window.
    • Do not alter any other settings unless you know exactly what they do. If an experimental feature causes problems, return to the chrome://flags/ page and click "Reset all to default."
  2. Lock Google Chrome with a Password Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    Enable new profile management.
    Click the drop-down menu underneath "Enable new profile management" and select "Enabled."
    • If you can't find this option, search the page for "profile management" using ctrl+F on Windows, command+F on Mac, or your device's Search or Find menu item on phones and tablets.
    • If you're certain the option is not on the page, update your Chrome browser or app and try again.
  3. Lock Google Chrome with a Password Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    Relaunch Chrome. A Relaunch now button should appear at the bottom of the screen. Click this, or quit and re-open Chrome manually for the change to take effect.
  4. Lock Google Chrome with a Password Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    Sign in to your Google account.
    Click the profile button in the top right, which may display your Google account name or a silhouetted head and shoulders. Click this, then select
    Sign in
    . Enter your Google account information or create a new Google account. Once you're logged in, the profile icon in the top right should be replaced by the name attached to your Google account.
    • The head and shoulders icon is very small on some operating systems. Look for it next to the minimize and close icons.
    • Remember your password! If you forget it while Chrome is locked, you will need to "Browse as guest" to open a non-protected Chrome window, then visit Google account recovery to reset your password.
  5. 5
    Create a supervised account.
    In order to password-protect your own account, you need to tell Chrome that you are supervising another user.
    • Go to ChromePreferences in the top menu.
    • Scroll down to "People" and press Add person.
    • Check the box next to "Control and view the websites this person visits"
    • Click Add.
  6. 6
    Save your work.
    If you have any unfinished emails, half-written forum posts, or other work in progress, make sure it is saved or copied to a text file before you lock Chrome. All tabs will be closed when you lock the account, then re-opened when you sign in again.
  7. Lock Google Chrome with a Password Step 7 Version 2.jpg
    Lock your Chrome profile.
    Click your name in the top right corner, where the profile icon used to be. If you select "Exit and childlock," all your Chrome tabs and windows will be replaced by a small window with a display of all your profiles. In order to use those tabs and windows again, you'll need to enter your Google Account password.
    • Your profile will not lock automatically when you close Chrome. You must remember to Lock the account first. There is currently no way to enable automatic locking.
    • In case you can't see the option to lock your user, you've found a bug! Go to Settings (not on the switch user screen) and create a new user. Give it whatever name you like.
  8. 8
    The supervised users feature is in beta, and there may be some bugs. If you do not have an "Exit and childlock" option, try one or more of these quick fixes:
    • Make a second Supervised User. Repeat until you get a user with the grey (supervised) text after the name.
    • Visit https://www.google.com/settings/chrome/manage. Click Manage in the Permissions section, then select "Only approved sites" from the dropdown list.
    • Relaunch Chrome.
  9. Lock Google Chrome with a Password Step 8 Version 2.jpg
    Ban all unauthorized use of Chrome (optional).
    The profile locking setting should protect your saved passwords, browsing history, and most preferences from other people who use the computer, but they can still browse the internet using a separate profile or as a guest. If you want complete control over who accesses Chrome, you can prevent this:
    • Visit ChromePreferences in to the top menu.
    • Scroll down to the People section.
    • Uncheck the boxes next to "Enable Guest browsing" and "Let anyone add a person to Chrome."
    You can check here for more!
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‘The Leftovers’ Showrunner Damon Lindelof Defends HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Is A Huge Fan Of ‘Hardhome’ Episode, Highlight Hollywood News

gameofthrones15_161Following news that a couple of his Lost directors will be setting trails in Westeros, HBO’s The Leftovers showrunner stands up for TV’s biggest show, against its few but loud haters.   Damon Lindelof, the executive producer behind Lost and the writer of Promethues and World War Z, is currently busy doing press for Season 2 of The Leftovers, his HBO show. As part of its Fall Preview, Entertainment Weekly sat down with the Lindelof to talk about The Leftovers, but it ended up that he also had a lot of passionate opinions on Game of Thrones, too.
Lindelof was a fan of the books before the show ever aired, but he only got through the first three—A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords—before stopping, because he wanted the chance to experience the show’s many surprises unspoiled.
Hardhome Is North Of The Wall
Hardhome Is North Of The Wall
“I felt that rush of book reader’s superiority— “I knew that it was going to happen and nobody else did.” But it was also intermingled with jealousy for the people who did experience it first onscreen. That’s where I stopped reading the books. ”
Adding now, that “reader’s superiority” is all gone, and equality in not knowing what is coming up next is a good thing.   Things really reached a point of no return in “Hardhome,” a Season 5 episode that Lindelof had a lot of praise for.
I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. I’m literally watching five minutes of silence—that whole moment where Jon Snow is going off into the water and looking at The Night’s King and he’s doing his “Come at me, bro” moment. And I was just like: “There’s nothing better on television, right now, than this.”
Lindelof also said that, in order to have excellent episodes like “Hardhome,” it may be necessary to have episodes that are mainly setup, or even ones that “make [the viewer] go, “I don’t know, I don’t know about this…”
And what about the silly feminist blogger site that claimed they would no longer watch the show because of the incident following Sansa’s wedding?  Personally I thought what a load of hot hair, Damon felt similarly.  “No, you’re not. Don’t be an ass.” That’s like my 8-year-old saying, “We’re not best friends anymore.” When I see a blogger—thank God I’m not on Twitter anymore, because I get into all sorts of trouble—or a critic, or a recapper say, “I’m done with your show,” if I were running that show I would call them up and say, “You are not allowed to watch my show anymore. I’m going to f–king alert everybody in your life to watch you. I’m going to hire a private eye to tap your media consumption, and you better not ever watch it again. Are you sure you want to do this?”

Check out INSIDE-Hardhome, the episode which was not only this writer’s favorite episode of all time, but also Damon Lindelof’s.

Monday, 24 August 2015

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George R.R. Martin Finally Accepts 'GoT' Will End Before The Books

You don't need to be the three-eyed raven to see that HBO's "Game of Thrones" is basically racing toward the end of George R.R. Martin's story. Now, the Song of Ice and Fire author has finally accepted the inevitable.
"Anything is possible,” said the author when GeekWire asked what he thought about the show possibly finishing before the books in a recent Q&A at the Sasquan science fiction convention in Spokane, Washington. Martin acknowledged the show seems to be speeding through the story like "a jet locomotive," and though he used to worry about it getting to the end before him, he's not even about that life anymore.
I said, to hell with that. Worrying about it isn’t going to change it one way or another. I still sit down at the typewriter, and I have to write the next scene and the next sentence … I’m just going to tell my story, and they’re telling their story and adapting my books, and we shall see.
Unless Martin is planning some kind of upcoming secret dual release for the next two books in the series, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring (wow, please let that happen), there's pretty much no way the show won't surpass the author. Season 5 of "GoT" basically caught up to the point where Martin is at in his novels, and it has already been about four years since Martin released his last book in the series. Unless the show takes some sort of crazy hiatus, the end is coming.
Fans should look on the bright side, though. (The Lord of Light will never steer you wrong.) Due to changes in the HBO adaptation, showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have already admitted the ending might not match up exactly with Martin's.
Try to take that as meaning "more surprises are on the way" in the novels. And don't worry. HBO will definitely treat Martin's books right. You know--hopefully.

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The Finalized Spanish Filming Dates for Season 6

Filming in Spain is drawing ever closer. La Voz de Almeria reports that workers are constructing tents in the area of El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla in Pechina, as the set pieces are readied for action.
Meanwhile, with only two weeks to go, Los Siete Reinos has done their research and has the full battery of dates and times for filming in all the different Spanish locations that we know so far. Some of these we knew already from the dates listed for the hopeful extras who tried out for a spot in the production last month. Some are new. Let’s run them down.
  • Girona: September 3-18th. This we already knew from the casting calls. The big news is that LSR states that Girona is confirmed to be standing in not only for Braavos, but also for King’s Landing. Sorry Dubrovnik. Looks like you guys really are losing out this year.
  • Castell de Santa Florentina, in Barcelona: September 9-22nd. This is one of the later areas that was confirmed for filming after the extra casting dates were over. This one is a major deal, because it’s a huge old castle. Also, note that the majority of the filming dates overlap with the Girona filming, which suggests that the cast who will be filming here are a completely separate unit than those filming in Girona. Also, there are no extras cast for this area, so whatever is happening here is completely self contained, cast wise. LSR has said they are in contact with the staff and hope to have more updates soon on what this area will be used for.
  • Navarra: September 20-25th. This is another one we knew from the extra casting. There’s only five days of filming in this desert landscape, with an extra casting call requirement list that suggested Dothraki types. This will almost certainly involve Dany’s new Khalasar.
  • Castillo de Zafra (Campillo de Dueñas, Guadalajara): September 28-30th. The Tower of Joy. I think I just freaked out from excitement just typing that. This all-important flashback scene will film over the last three days in September, with no overlapping with other locations. LSR points out that much of the actual scene probably won’t be filmed there—it’ll just be used for exterior shots and scenes. BUT STILL. *freaks out some more*
  • Peñíscola (Castellón): October 1-9th. This is the third location we knew about from the extra casting. We’re not sure what this location stands in for, but the extra descriptions most certainly make is an Essos one. This is also the location where the casting call specifically for infants was for.
  • Almería: October 10-23rd. The final shooting dates for Spain will happen in the area of Almería. This is also suggested to be Essos area, with the casting call for dark skinned types, suggesting this could be another area of Dothraki filming. Whatever it is, they’re going to be there for most of the month, so there’s going to be a lot of this area featured next season.
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How to Fix Slow Performance Issue in Windows 10 and Increase Overall System Speed

fter the
official launch of Windows 10,
millions of PC users upgraded their PCs to Windows 10 by availing the free upgrade offer from Microsoft. If you haven’t got the upgrade, here’s a simple way to
get Windows 10 upgrade right now
. However, several desktop users have reported a slow performance issue on Microsoft forums and Reddit after upgrading their systems.
There are some definite issues with the OS as the number of people facing slow performance issue in Windows 10 is very large. This sluggish performance usually appears in the form of input lags. For example: After clicking the Start Menu, it takes about 2-3 seconds to appear. Complaining this slow performance issue in Windows 10, many users have downgraded to the previous versions of Windows OS.
According to a user at the Microsoft Community forums, this issue could be fixed by tweaking the Page File settings in Windows 10 that affects and improves the overall system performance. If you’re facing the slow performance issue in Windows 10, you can try to speeding up the OS by changing the default settings for Page File control.

How to Fix Slow Performance Issue in Windows 10 and Boost System Speed?

If you are irritated with slow performance issue in Windows 10, we advise you to follow this small guide to speed up your Windows 10 OS on you computer. You need to change the default settings for the Page File control in Windows 10 from System Managed to manual format. Here you can change the page file memory’s file and maximum size- based upon the RAM on your PC.
Take a look at these simple steps to fix the slow performance issue in Windows 10:
1. Open Start Menu and find the Control Panel. Click on it.
2. Here in the Control Panel, go to the Search field at the top-right of the window and type Performance. Now hit Enter.
3. Now find Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.
4. Go to the Advanced tab and click on Change in the Virtual Memory section.
5. Now untick the option “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.”
6. Select the default C: drive where Windows 10 is installed and then choose Custom Size. Then change Initial Size and Maximum Size to the recommended values by Windows (given below).
7. Now click Set and then hit OK to save the settings.
8. Reboot the computer for the changes to take effect and fix the slow performance issue in Windows 10.
After the PC boots up, you should see better performance in your Windows 10 PC.

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How DDoS Attack Works?

DDoS-attack-InfographicShort Bytes: DDoS attack is one of the favorite tools used by hackers to disrupt an online service. Here, we are going to tell you more about the attack using an easy-to-understand infographic.
ost of us are aware of the fact that DDoS attack- Distributed Denial of Service- is one of the most common attacks faced- and the recent times have seen a tremendous growth in such attacks. Recently, the New York Magazine’s website was down due to an alleged DDoS attack for more than 12 hours. For those who are new to this term, in simple works, a DDoS attack is an attempt to make an online service/website unavailable by flooding it with tons of traffic from different sources.
DDoS attack is one of the favorite tools used by hacktivists and other online groups to fulfill their motives by hiding behind a storm of HTTP request. The attacker makes a network of infected systems (botnets) by spreading malicious emails and software. After being infected, these systems could be controlled remotely and thus used to deploy a DDoS attack.
The infographic shared below is created by Ireland-based security firm Barricade and it gives a visual picture of a DDoS attack and other factors related to it. The good guys at Barricade have used various industry data to show that DDoS attacks affect more than 45% of organizations.
With an exponential growth in the internet usage, cyber vandalism and hacktivism have become more prominent and organizations face such DDoS attacks regularly. The security firm notes that launching a DDoS attack costs just $150, while its impacts could be quite expensive.
The infographic shows that China and India, followed by the U.S, are the biggest nurseries of DDoS attacks.
Take a look at this visual depiction of a DDoS attack and protect yourself and your site better:
Share the article if you found the information about DDoS attack helpful.
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UK court orders Google to remove 'right to be forgotten' news stories

Google and European regulators have once again locked horns with regards to the "right to be forgotten" ruling, with a UK court issuing an order to the search giant for the removal of links to stories discussing the controversial ruling.
Even though Google is obligated to removes certain links about a person's misdemeanors under the "right to be forgotten" ruling (should the information be deemed "irrelevant or outdated"), any news articles that mention the individual's name and previous actions will surface when searching for the original complainant's name.
That is the crux of the latest court order from the UK's Information Commissioner's Office, which ordered Google to remove nine links that reference a specific person's minor crime. Although the links to the results detailing the minor offense were removed from Google, news stories covering the ruling and the subsequent removal of the links were discoverable by searching for the person's name, which the UK court says undermines the "right to be forgotten" ruling.
From ICO deputy commissioner David Smith:
We understand that links being removed as a result of this court ruling is something that newspapers want to write about. And we understand that people need to be able to find these stories through search engines like Google. But that does not need them to be revealed when searching on the original complainant's name.
The European court ruling last year was clear that links prompted by searching on an individual's name are subject to data protection rules. That means they shouldn't include personal information that is no longer relevant.
Previously, Google refused to remove links to the news stories, stating that censorship of content is a "matter of significant public importance." With the ICO giving the search giant 35 days to comply with its order, it remains to be seen if Google changes its stance in this scenario.
Source: ICO; Via: Engadget,Androidcentral
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Scrolling screen capture on the Galaxy Note 5

This got tucked into our larger post on how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 5, but it's cool enough that it deserves a mention of its own. Using the "Screen write" function of Samsung's new software, you can do a "Scroll capture" of whatever you've got on your screen. Want to share an entire web page or vertically scrolling app? Not a problem. It takes just a few taps, and Samsung does a really nice job of stitching it all together for you.
Check it out.

To take a scrolling screenshot or scroll capture on the Note 5:

  1. Open the content you wish to take a scrolling screenshot of.
  2. Take out the S Pen to launch Air Command, tap on Screen Write.
  3. The screen will flash and capture a single screenshot, then press Scroll capture in the bottom-left corner.
  4. The screen will scroll, and you can select Capture more to keep going, or Done to stop.
  5. Once you've captured everything, tap Share, Save in Gallery or Save in Scrapbook at the bottom of the screen.
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Marshmallow era

Here's what you need to know — and what you'll have to continue waiting for — now that the next version of Android is officially official and full of Marshmallowy goodness.
Android 6.0 Marshmallow today is official. Or, rather, it's the start of being official, as these things don't actually happen all at once. In fact, the M era started back at the Google I/O developer conference in late May. And we don't yet have it all.
So here's what you need to know about the next major version of our favorite operating system. This is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This is great! Where can I download Android 6.0 Marshmallow?!?!?

Android 6.0 Marshmallow previewYou can't! Sort of. While we have a name and a new version number and a new SDK, Google hasn't yet made the source code available. And technically that's what both manufacturers and the custom-ROM crowd need to make proper builds for our phones. That said, we'll definitely start to see ROMs cobbled together from SDK parts. That's par for the course.
More official is that we've got a third and final developer preview that can be flashed to the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. It's not 100 percent of what you'll get when the finished version of Marshmallow is released, but it's closer than anything we've had before.

OK, fine. So when will I get Marshmallow? (And will my phone get it?)

Depends on which phone you have. Google's Nexus phones should be the first to be updated. In addition to the devices that have been a part of the developer preview, expect at least the Nexus 7 (2013) to see an update, and possibly the 2012 model as well. Throw the Nexus 10 tablet and Nexus 4 phone into the "maybe" list, too.
As for when we'll see source code drop and updates begin? We don't actually know. Remember that we're expecting at least one (and very likely two) new Nexus phone this year. And if we had to guess, we'd be willing to put a little money on it being a little sooner than last year. Before October wouldn't surprise us at all at this point, but that's still just a guess.
Have some other phone? It'll take longer. Exactly how long is a big of a mystery. Some manufacturers like to impose 90-day deadlines on themselves, which probably will mean something toward the end of the year, if not later. Updates are hard, and it's a slow process. And there's upwards of a billion Android devices out there. Put it this way — only 18 percent of all active devices are on Android 5.x Lollipop, which was released about 10 months ago.
Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Jeez. OK. So what is it, exactly, that I'll have to look forward to in Marshmallow?

That depends! (Welcome to the wonderful world of Android!) If you didn't get the gist by now, Android manufacturers still do whatever the hell they want (more or less — and Google's been reining them in a little bit) with their phones. And they also go above and beyond what's in the base Android code. But Google itself has also adopted a good number of features that have until now been custom jobs, so we'll see more features on more phones.
Here's the short version, though:
  • Permissions are getting a huge revamp. The technical term is "runtime permissions," and it means that instead of just accepting every permission an app declares at the time you install it you'll now be able to pick and choose what things an application has access to. Don't want, say, Facebook to see your internal contacts? Just turn that permission off! That's oversimplified, of course. You can learn more about it here.
  • Google Now on Tap will give Google — with your permission, of course — even more insight into your life. If you're, say, texting someone about dinner plans at some hot new restaurant, a quick press of the home button will bring up more information about that restaurant. No more having to hop out of one app and into another to look up information. This is going to be big.
  • Android Pay will finally become a thing, bringing the same sort of contactless payments you know from Apple Pay and the newer Samsung Pay. This will be built into the system and will also make use of ...
  • Native fingerprint authorization will now be built into the Android source code. That'll allow more manufacturers to make use of it — and hopefully will make it even better than it's already become. Samsung and Huawei are the longtime fingerprint users for Android, but HTC, OnePlus and, soon, LG have or will make use of it.
  • Automatic app data backups will occur by default. That means no more losing your spot in a game if you switch devices. They'll happen once a day, when you're not using your phone and only when you're connected to Wifi.
  • Smarter app links so you won't have to deal with that clunky "do you want to open this thing in this other app* dialog as much.
  • Plus, more tweaks for better battery life, tons of stuff for developers, and a more consistent user experience. (Again, that last one is subject to being blown up by the manufacturers.)

Sunday, 23 August 2015

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Official Galaxy Note 5 accessories

1. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad

As long as wireless charging has been around, we've mostly accepted its convenience over the subpar charging speeds. Finally we're starting to see some improvement, and this new fast charge wireless charging pad from Samsung is leading the way. While this model will most definitely work with all other Qi-compatible devices, its fast charge feature is strictly for the new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+.
Available in white and black sapphire, it comes bundled with a microUSB cable and charging block — strongly suggested for optimal performance. The multi-colored LED halo indicates your charging status, similar to the previous version.
Buy from Samsung ($69.99)

2. Samsung S-View Clear Flip Cover

It's no surprise we're seeing a new S-View Clear Cover for the Galaxy Note 5 — its quick access to key features without ever opening the case makes it a great option for flip-case enthusiasts. The new cradle design provides simple installation along with extra protection around each corner of the Note 5.
As soon as the front flap is closed, the built-in Samsung ID chip provides instant access to your most important information through the case. Accept or reject calls, manage alarms, check the weather — it's all done easily while your Galaxy Note 5 stays completely protected. Available colors include black sapphire, clear gold, and clear silver.
Buy from Samsung ($59.99)

3. Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones

Samsung's Level U wireless headphones are an over-the-neck design that manages to stay fairly lightweight when worn. When used with Samsung's Level App, you can adjust different audio levels to suit your needs. Off a complete charge you can expect around 10 hours of music playback or 21 days of standby time.
The 12mm speaker units provide excellent sound quality, while dual-mic noise reduction and echo cancellation block outside banter during those important calls. When the earbuds aren't in use, they are magnetically attached together for a clean look.
Read our Level U Headphones review
Buy from Samsung ($69.99)

4. Samsung Clear Protective Cover

Those after simple protection for their Galaxy Note 5 that allows the original look to shine through, this clear OEM hard case is one to consider. Its simple snap-on design is great, providing complete access to everything including the camera, stylus, and charging/auxiliary ports. Each edge of the case is slightly thicker to add extra protection around the major impact points. This clear cover is available in gold, silver and black sapphire.
Buy from Samsung ($34.99)

5. Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack

Packing a 5,200mAh capacity, this OEM power bank is designed to offer compatible devices an efficient way to juice-up on the go. Devices such as the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 edge+ can all utilize this backup battery's snappy speeds, while others will charge at a normal 2A rate.
Unfortunately, Samsung's unusually high $70 price tag for this power bank is a bit absurd. The Aukey 10,000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge easily doubles the capacity at half the cost, adding an extra USB port for simultaneous charging. Maybe with a larger battery and more USB outputs with fast charging capability this power bank would be worth the investment.
Buy from Samsung ($69.99)

6. Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Proving a clear window to manage the basics, the Galaxy Note 5 S-View Flip Cover sports a pebble grain texture with access to all the device's features. Similar to its clear sibling, this S-View Case allows quick access to key features without ever opening the case. Take pictures, record video, accept or reject calls — all through its front window. There's plenty of protection against minor drops from front to back, adding a thick plastic around the corners. You can grab this cover in black sapphire, white, gold, and silver.
Buy from Samsung ($49.99)

7. Samsung Glitter Cover

Samsung's Glitter Cover for the Galaxy Note 5 adds shimmer and shine to really make your new device stand out. The edges sport the solid color of your choice with access to all ports and buttons, leaving the back as the real star of this case. It's smooth to the touch, slim in design, and is available in gold, silver, teal, and red.

8. Samsung Keyboard Cover

This Galaxy Note 5 case has unique written all over it. The slim hard cover snaps around the device, providing just enough protection against minor drops, while the keyboard cover snaps on top. The QWERTY keyboard is designed for those that prefer the textured press, adding a dedicated UI when snapped into place. When you're finished using the keyboard, pop it off and snap it to the back of the case. Although the response of this particular cover hasn't been too positive thus far, there may be room for improvement.

9. Samsung Level On Wireless Pro Headphones

As Samsung's Level lineup continues to grow, so do the design and features of each product. These new wireless on-ear headphones feature Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA), boasting a sound quality that's better than that of a CD. "Talk-in Mode" allows you to enjoy your tunes as well as ambient sound simultaneously. Packing Bluetooth 4.1, aptX technology, and NFC pairing, these new headphones provide up to 10 hours of consistent music playback while noise cancelling is active, and 20 hours turned off. Samsung's original Level On Wireless Headphones were some of the best we've ever used, so these certainly seem promising if the price is right.

10. Samsung Flip Wallet

Wrapped in Samsung's signature polyurethane leather, this wallet case for the Galaxy Note 5 sports a single storage slot inside for a card, cash, or ID. With complete coverage on the front and back, the Note 5 stays secured inside with your essentials. When opened, the auto-wake feature activates your display for quick and easy access. This flip case is available in white, gold, silver, and black sapphire.

Buy from Samsung ($34.99)

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BlackBerry Venice

BlackBerry Venice Slider

For months now, there have been rumors that BlackBerry is working on an Android-powered device.Since the initial rumors began, the folks at CrackBerry have been tracking blurry cam images, as well as a bunch of renders, which all appear to point to an Android powered BlackBerry becoming a real thing.

This is the latest information.
The Android powered BlackBerry Venice is starting to look real
Leaks, rumors and allegations ...
According to some new details provided once again by @evleaks, the BlackBerry Venice slider is running Android Lollipop and is headed to all major carriers in the U.S. this November, although an exact date has not been detailed. But according to various other rumors, could happen on Nov. 16.

Also spotted in the images is the BlackBerry Hub, which acts as the central location for all messages on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Something BlackBerry notably mentioned it would be bringing to Android, as well as iOS and Windows Phone through the BlackBerry Experience Suite as part of their cross-platform strategy they've been taking on.

Still not buying the idea that BlackBerry would roll out an Android device with a physical keyboard? Well, there's also a new image of the device showing off exactly that and it's no Samsung hardware keyboard. It's the same BlackBerry keyboard you likely loved.

But, wait, there's more.
According to CrackBerry, the GIF files shared by @evleaks are rather similar to the video files BlackBerry places on some of their hardware as help, how-to and tutorials. Although these seem rather rough by comparison to some of those, it's not exactly unheard of for BlackBerry to leave these things deep within their OS under the assumption they'll never be seen. In this case, it just looks as though they were extracted and shared.

So what's the real deal?

BlackBerry Venice Slider
Maybe this is happening. Maybe it's not. There's a lot that's still up in the air.
Is BlackBerry going to push out an Android-powered BlackBerry? Well, that's where it all begins to get a little strange despite all of this evidence. The rumors surrounding the BlackBerry Venice slider have focused on it running Android but for all the Android rumors. But there are just as many rumors that it will be running BlackBerry 10 or some sort of hybrid OS concocted by BlackBerry through their ownership of QNX which happens to have something called the QNX Hypervisor allowing for more than one OS to run. As BlackBerry 10 can already run Android apps through its own Android runtime, for better or worse, this integration would markedly improve that capability.

On top of all that, there's also rumors that BlackBerry will essentially offer two different versions of the BlackBerry Venice slider. One that runs Android with full on access to everything Google and one that will run BlackBerry 10 just like all of BlackBerry's current smartphone offerings. The problem with that is that outside of the rumors, there has been no proof presented of a BlackBerry 10 version existing like there has been of an Android version existing. Absolutely zero leaks have appeared showing the Venice slider running a version of BlackBerry 10, only a single official image from Mobile World Congress, that's arguable whether or not it was even a real device or just something tossed together for looks. Maybe that's because it's not as interesting as a BlackBerry running Android? Perhaps.

Really, though, not a lot has changed since the renders initially appeared which were discussed it on the Android Central podcast. There still are a lot of unknowns here, but we're keeping our eyes on it all just to see how it pans out.
BlackBerry releasing a device the runs Android would certainly be an interesting turn of events and right now, all of this raises more questions than there are answers. Some believe BlackBerry will reveal more details at IFA 2015 in Berlin thanks to a now deleted Reddit post, but that seems like a long-shot as BlackBerry hasn't even been present at IFA in recent years. That said, we'll be at IFA 2015 so if they really do announce some details and it really is running Android, we'll be sure to let you all know.

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How To Enable GodMode In Windows

What is GodMode?

Windows GodMode is an old trick, but I thought it’d be nice to share it with our readers who don’t know about it as Windows 10 is released. Also, I’ll be telling about all GodMode folders here, not just a single one. Windows GodMode, as the name suggests, provides you a shortcut and grander access to various control panel settings. It is also known as the Windows Master Control Panel shortcut (All Tasks) or All Tasks folder by different people.

By making this GodMode folder, you’ll get access to all the settings of the control panel in your OS within a single folder. This hack was first revealed in 2007 and it works in operating systems higher than Windows Vista i.e Window 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
As you’ll know how to do it, you’ll come across the step of renaming the folder and using the phrase “GodMode”. Actually, GodMode name has nothing to do with this trick. Use your name instead of GodMode and it’ll work just fine because GodMode is just a name given to this trick as it got popular.
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How To Enable GodMode?

  1.  Create a new folder in Windows
  2. Rename it to: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}godmode
  3. Once renamed it’ll converted and looks like control panel icon, open and there you have it.
  4. god-mode-enable
Note: You can enable GodMode using this trick in Windows Vista Window 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1,and Windows 10.

How to enable all GodMode folders?

There’s a lot more to this GodMode trick. There are a lot more GodMode folders waiting for you to utilize them. Copy and paste the script written below in a new notepad file. Rename this file as “godmodes.bat” and paste at the location where you want these GodMode folders to be. Now click on the renamed file “godmodes.bat” and there you have a list of GodMode folders, all with different uses.
List of all GodMode folders


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10525

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10525 (Newer Than Final)

Microsoft has released a preview version of Windows 10, with the build number 10525, to members of the Windows Insider Program. It’s the first such build to be released for members of the Windows Insider program since Windows 10 officially launched.

It has been amazing to see the impact that Windows Insiders have made since we launched the program last year. Your feedback has helped us fix bugs and make changes which resulted in a better product because of your input. Thank you to all of the Windows Insiders who have been with us so
far. Now I’d like to talk a bit about what is next.

With the general availability of Windows 10, the Windows Insider Program will focus on building and delivering Windows as a service by updating Windows 10 with new features and functionality on an ongoing basis. As always, Windows Insiders will be the first to see these new features and changes.

What’s New in Build 10525
  • We got a lot of feedback on the default color for Start, Acton Center, Taskbar, and Title bars and that you wanted to be able to change to reflect your preferences. This feature is now available (though still early) in build 10525 for you to try. This is off by default, but you can turn it on by toggling this (Settings > Personalization > Colors)

  • In Windows 10, we have added a new concept in the Memory Manager called a compression store, which is an in-memory collection of compressed pages. This means that when Memory Manager feels memory pressure, it will compress unused pages instead of writing them to disk. This reduces the amount of memory used per process, allowing Windows 10 to maintain more applications in physical memory at a time. This also helps provide better responsiveness across Windows 10. The compression store lives in the System process’s working set. Since the system process holds the store in memory, its working set grows larger exactly when memory is being made available for other processes. This is visible in Task Manager and the reason the System process appears to be consuming more memory than previous releases.

  • Part of the fun of being a Windows Insider is getting to tinker with prerelease software before the rest of the world, but you should be very aware as an Insider that prerelease software will come with bugs and things that are incomplete. Make sure you know and accept what you’re opting in to when you join the program, and of course make sure to back up all of your personal data before you begin.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Was Probably In Belfast To Film Jon Snow’s Funeral


Since the events of this year’s season finale, Game of Thrones fans have been holding out hope that Jon Snow would somehow return next season. Now, however, it looks as though those rumors have been squashed thanks to some photos taken by fans near the set of HBO’s hit fantasy series in Belfast, Ireland.

The pictures in question, originally uploaded to Watchers on the Wall, depict a burning Castle Black which only serves to cement the idea that actor Kit Harington may in fact simply be in Belfast to film Jon’s funeral.

Harington’s arrival in Northern Ireland earlier this month lead many Thrones fans to believe that there was a possibility Jon could have somehow survived the multiple stab wounds he suffered at the end of season five, despite the fact that HBO’s programming president recently went on the record as saying “Dead is dead is dead.”

Given these new photos however, it looks as though the theory that Jon may be coming back somehow — be it as a member of the undead, or as a soul revived by Melisandre — is starting to lose its steam.

Guess we’ll all just have to wait for season six to find out what Jon Snow’s fate truly is.