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Saturday, 25 July 2015

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Game of Thrones Season 6: First New Cast Member Revealed

Well it’s about time. Game of Thrones has finally added their first new cast member for Season 6.

Watchers on the Wall reports actor Ricky Champ has signed on to play the character of Flynn, according to his agency CV. Flynn is one of several characters to pop up on leaked casting lists who does not appear to have a counterpart in the A Song of Ice and Fire books, and specifically seems to be part of a mysterious group of bandits that will play a part in a couple of episodes next season.

The group is said to take advantage of and extort the poor citizens of their area, and they use their religion as the basis to carry out their deeds. But what group do they fall under?

If you ask us, this group sounds like the Sparrows more than anything else. We’ve already seen them use religion as an excuse to be horrible in King’s Landing, so it makes sense they would be even worse out in the countryside. There’s also the possibility that they could be Lord of Light adherents, since the eastern religion is said to be gaining in popularity. The bandits may even follow the Drowned God of the Iron Islands, and could represent the turmoil the people find themselves in with a change in power coming next season.

Whoever Flynn falls in with, we’re just glad a new face has finally been added. The show introduced several major new players for Season 5 at Comic-Con last year, while this year the show didn’t introduce any. Hopefully we’ll see a rash of new castings in the next few weeks!



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