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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

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[What happens] when you 'pause' Project Fi service?

Project Fi does a few innovative things that set it apart subtly from other carrier offerings, and one of the lesser-advertised features is the ability to "pause" service for a while. Pausing  lets you simply disable your phone for as long as you want and instantly resume service with the press of a button.

This isn't something you'll be doing all the time on Project Fi, but it does turn out to be a new feature. Now lets see how it works.

What happens, and why you'd want to pause service

So what exactly happens to your phone when you pause Project Fi service? It puts the stopping on all aspects of your phone — no calls, texts or data will work unless you resume service again. You'll still be able to make emergency calls, but no notification of texts or calls that were missed during this interval would be shown.

It immediately sounds like a great way to save money. It sounds like a great idea to regularly pause service particularly if your Project Fi line is a secondary device, but also keep in mind that you lose the ability to use your Project Fi number everywhere when paused ie.. you can't make and receive calls via Hangouts on your computer or text on your other phones.

As soon as you pause service you'll immediately see a refund posted on your dashboard for the entire remainder of the billing period. If you happen to resume service within the same billing period, the amount of time you were paused is calculated and the proper refund amount is posted. For example we paused our service for just over 24 hours, and were issued a $0.75 refund that'll be applied to our next bill.

The ability to pause service is pretty great if you will have literally no need for your phone over a set period of time. For example if you're going on a long camping trip in an area where you won't have cellular service anyway, you could simply pause service just before you leave, and come home after a long weekend to a $3 or so refund. It's also a great choice if Fi is a secondary line that you only want to use sometimes but don't rely on the phone number for regular use.

Just keep in mind that if you're using Project Fi like a Google Voice replacement, you'll need to also be aware of the full set of ramifications as explained here.


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