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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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 Samsung is looking forward to give a tough        competition to Apple with the possible release of next-    gen Galaxy Note-5 in August, 2015.

 Basically, the device was announced in September,  2015 when the new iPhone was announced. Samsung  has been uncovering its newest Galaxy Note devices at  the IFA trade show, since past few years. With Apple  revealing new iPhones, Samsung is likely to take up the  release, in an attempt to recover from the financial  losses of previous years.

 Samsung has held Apple’s bigger iPhones responsible  for the net profit plunge of 39 percent in the January-to-March quarter. Samsung’s phones have been  thriving during the first quarter of this year. However, the third quarter is likely to get some good  results.

Specifications and Details

Here are the rumored details and specifications of the newly rumored Samsung Galaxy Note-5:
  1. Processor: It would contain an octa-core processor by default, with a 64 –bit architecture.
  2. Camera- There would be a primary camera of about 21 MP along with an LED Flash and automated-focus. While the secondary camera will be of 5-6 MP. The camera would support HD recording.
  3. Memory Capacity- The Galaxy Note 5 is anticipated to come in variants 32GB and 64GB. The memory is expandable up to 128GB through SD card.
  4. Battery Power- The battery power is likely to be about 4000mAh, with features such as ultra battery saver mode.
  5. Operating System- Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would support the latest Android Operating system. While its default operating system could be Android L.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features:

As per the anticipated features, the following are likely to be the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5:
  1. The screen size is likely to be 5.7-5.9-6.0 inch. Also there are chances of YOUM flexible screen.
  2. It might contain corning Gorilla glass, which would be water-proof and scratch resistant.
  3. It might have a metallic (aluminum) body.
  4. It could have a 4-5GB RAM.
  5. HBR scanner is also likely to be provided.
  6. It could also have 3D image recording facility.
  7. It might also contain Samsung Pay.
Therefore, Samsung is all prepared to enter the Smartphone league with complete buzz of new features. If you’re looking forward to buy the galaxy note series, we recommend you to check out the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note-5.

Let’s hope the new Galaxy Note-5 addresses the expectations of users.!



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