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Monday, 20 July 2015

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Unsend a sent message on Gmail

How To 'Unsend' A Sent Message On Gmail

Gmail has offered experimental feature to unsend the email you have sent.Gmail's unsend Option enables you to undo sent email.

  • 1.First, log in to your Gmail account from your computer.
  • 2.Go to the little settings icon in the upper right hand corner and select “Settings.”
  • 3.Then move way down the page untill you’ll see the “Undo Send” section.

  • 4.Click the check box to Enable Undo Send.
  • 5.From  the drop-box, set the Send cancellation time period, meaning the number of seconds you have to prevent the email from being sent. You can choose 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

  • 6.Finally  “Save Changes” at the bottom and you’re all done.
Gmail’s Undo Send feature works differently. It actually waits to send your email, giving you a certain amount of time to change your mind and prevent it from being sent. But you have to be quick, as Gmail gives you only a specific number of seconds to halt your email.

How to Undo sent emails in Gmail?

  • 1.Compose a message and Send it.
  • 2.At the top of the screen, you’ll see a toast saying: “Your message has been sent. Undo. View Message.”

  • To undo/stop the message from being sent, click the Undo link.
  • Gmail stops the message from going out and displays it in case you wish to make any changes and then resend it. If not, you can simply close the message.


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