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Saturday, 18 July 2015

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Winter Has Come, The Dead Come With It, Kit Harington And Nell Tiger Free Both Spotted On Belfast Set, Highlight Hollywood News

At the end of Season 5 of HBO’s mega hit drama Game of Thrones, we witnessed the deaths, or what seemed like death of major characters.  Sure, King Stannis is dead, done, even his worshiper the Red Woman abandoned him just before Lady Brienne of Tarth beheaded him off screen.  But in Northern Ireland this week many of the alleged dead have been seen, most importantly a shaggy-haired Kit Harington, who died on screen as Lord Commander Jon Snow. Or did he? 

Princess Myrcella was poisoned by a Dornish she-snake, However, thanks to social media, two of the three characters have had their actors show up to Belfast for the beginning of Game of Thrones season six filming.

Isaac H. Wright who plays Bran Stark (who was sidelined for all of season five but will be returning for season six) posted a photo of himself, Dean Chapman (Tommen) and Nell Tiger Free (Myrcella) hanging out on set. The implication here is that despite being poisoned by Ellaria Sand, Myrcella could have survived as the boat wasn’t that far from shore, and perhaps it’s possible that she will live through the assault.

Or is she there to lie in State as grandpa Tywin did last season in the season premiere?

However, the most buzzed-about sighting has been that of Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) who has been spotted in Belfast with signature long locks. Harrington’s hair has been a topic of discussion for years, after all, his hair was or is under separate contract with HBO.  The idea is that if he was off the show, he’d cut it, but leaving it long and curly signifies Snow may yet live.

Despite what seemed like a fairly explicit death after being knifed a dozen odd times by members of the Night’s Watch, fans have refused to accept Jon’s death as being real or permanent.

Obviously missing from all this social media sniping is Stephen Dillane, aka Stannis Baratheon, whose death seemed the least certain of all three characters. Yes, he was injured in battle and we see Brienne swing her sword at him to fulfill her revenge promise to Renly, but it’s a rare occasion when Game of Thrones does not explicitly show a character’s death in graphic detail, if they are in fact, dead. I can’t actually remember another time when such a thing has happened with a major character.

 Game of Thrones returns in April 2016.   Winter is Here!


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