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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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Jon Snow Alive?

With Game of Thrones Season 6 about to start filming, all eyes are on Belfast, waiting for Kit Harington to show up at the movie location. Well, now that big day has reportedly come — but does that mean Jon Snow lives after all?

Let's start with the evidence that Kit is back in Belfast, where the Game of Thrones cast is currently gathering for table reads of the Season 6 scripts. One fan told Watchers on the Wall they'd been on a flight to Belfast with Kit, and gave this photo as evidence. You can't see his face clearly, but it certainly looks like it could be him. What’s more, Variety points out he was spotted carrying a similar bag recently.

OK, so let's say Kit is back in Belfast. Does that mean Jon Snow definitely lives? Well, of course not. Maybe he's there to film a funeral scene, like Charles Dance (Tywin) last season. Maybe he just missed the cast and decided to stop by and say hello. We hear Belfast is lovely, maybe he just fancied a visit?

On the other hand, Melisandre herself, Carice van Houten, recently dished that she doesn't think Jon is gone for good, which certainly adds fuel to the "Melisandre is totally going to raise Jon from the dead" theory.

Plus there's the fact Kit still appears to be sporting those long Jon Snow locks he's claimed to hate in the past. Why keep the hair if the role is really done? We don't know anything for sure, but it's definitely starting to feel like Jon Snow coming back to life is just the worst kept secret in Game of Thrones history.



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