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Sunday, 19 July 2015

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Vinsic Wireless Qi-Charger

It's slim and always active lit up charger whether you're charging or not.
It's a bit larger than the average charging devices, but still adorable on any desk or nightstand. Measuring in just above 6-inches in length and somewhar 3.5-inches in width, it fits every device in market including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The entire charging pad is made of a smooth plastic.It is extremely lightweight — weighing in at nearly 3oz.

The top of the wireless charger sports a rubber circle in the middle that prevent your mobile device from slipping off the surface.There are 4 tiny plastic feet on the bottom side that slightly raises the pad.

You get a standard 28-inch microUSB charging cable with the charging pad. Vinsic recommends using a wall adapter with an output rating of at least 1.5A for the "perfect wireless charging experience". You'll find the charging port at the top of the pad, and 2 LED's towards the bottom.
 As soon as you fire it up, a red light emits on — and stays on. When you place  device  to charge, an extra green light also starts.
The verdict

For an  wireless charging pad ($15.90), this one is just fine. It's a pretty device and it delivers what it wants to do.
You can buy here


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